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Agriterra is an agency for international cooperation founded and steered by farmers organizations and the agribusiness sector inn the Netherlands. It provides advisory and broker services to producers organizations and cooperatives in the developing countries and assists them in setting up farmers-led enterprises that allow farmers to take position in the value chain and add value to their primary production. Agriterra offers support to farmers organizations for purposes of: - Development of sound and bankable business plans - Improvement of their capacity for financial management - Enabling access to equity and loans - Monitoring , technical support and backstopping A Contract has been signed between UCCCU and AGRITERRA for developing the supply chain for cold milk. The project is to be implemented effective 1st June 2011 to 31st December 2011. This project, with a total budget of 50,049 Euro, (to be financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) has got four components namely: - Organization; - Production and supply; - Processing; - And marketing and sales.