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UCCCU has implemented the following capacity building programmes for farmers since 2006 todate.

Improving dairy production and Productivity
UCCCU under takes a number of interventions to address the thematic areas of nutrition, herd health, breeding, milk quality assurance and farm management. There is deliberate effort to minimise the effect of climate change on dairy productivity through fodder conservation, harvesting and storage of water.
UCCCU members have partnerships with service providers and suppliers of farm inputs and inseminators to render quality service to farmers.

Value addition
UCCCU members are engaged in value addition efforts at macro and micro level. At tertiary level farmers are completing a 100,000 litre dairy processing plant in Mbarara. In addition farmers have commissioned a milk collection infrastructure of 100 milk cooling tanks and 10 road tankers with an installed capacity of 350,000 and 74,000 litres per day respectively.

Support to institutional capacity 
UCCCU is in partnership with development partners to strengthen the governance and financial management capacity of member cooperative society. Cooperatives are being supported to computerize their records, use accounting software as well as strengthen internal controls.

Empowering Youth and women
UCCCU recognizes that women and youth are the key to sustainable dairy production. Consequently deliberate interventions to involve women and youth in dairy are in place. Consequently women are integral members of UCCCU as well as the youth through the Youth In UCCCU (YIU) platform.

Promotion of a milk consumption culture
UCCCU supports milk consumption in schools and the community through the school milk programme involving schools in partnership with dairy cooperatives. The programme promotes good nutrition among school children and contributes to the improvement of Uganda’s per capita consumption towards the World Health Organization’s recommendation of 200 litres per year.

Access to market
UCCCU supports farmer access to competitive markets through contractual arrangements with processors. This position has further been strengthened by acquisition of state of the art milk collection infrastructure that includes milk cooling tanks and road tankers that have enabled collective marketing.

Financial Services to members
UCCCU members own a community Savings and Credit Cooperative Society called UCCCU Community SACCO that supports access to financial services that include:

  • Advance milk payments to farmers.
  • Access to credit facilities
  • Pools farmers savings for future investment