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Uganda Crane Creameries Cooperative Union (UCCCU) is a tertiary cooperative that brings together dairy farmers in Uganda. UCCCU was registered under Certificate No. 7231 as a Limited Co-operative Union in 2005. We are currently active in the 12 districts of South and mid -Western Uganda where our membership stands at 18,506 members in 140 primary cooperatives societies and 10 district unions.
We produce over 700,000 litres daily and market 300,000 formally. We are completing the farmer owned dairy processing plant.

UCCCU vision.
A leading farmer owned provider of high quality dairy products and services in the East Africa region 

UCCCU Mission:    To develop a vibrant dairy sector that will enhance improved livelihood of the dairy farmers through increased incomes ,modern farming , technological development and easy access to safety, high quality long lasting dairy product and wider markets.

UCCCU Objectives

  • To build the capacity of farmers in milk handling collection, processing and marketing.
  • To mobilize farmers into cooperatives for collective marketing of dairy products 
  • To improve the quality of dairy animals
  • To train farmers to run their farms commercially. 
  • To carry out market research and development
  • Purchasing drugs, feeds and other production inputs of other members cooperatively.
  • Encouraging a saving culture among members for increased household cooperatively.
  • Helping farmers to access credit for productive purposes for security of their securities.